Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to place a single order for multiple siblings, using several access codes/cards?

Yes! Click on "Did you get another access code?" under the main menu "Login". You can enter up to five access codes at the same time. This way you will have access to all available photos. You can combine the order and save on shipping costs.

2. I received an access card with an access code - how can I order my photos?

If you have received an access card with a personal access code, go to the "Login" page, (link on access card) enter the access code and click on "Open Album."

3. I received an email with login information - how can I order photos?

After you have placed an order or registered with the online shop, you will receive an email with login credentials. Using your email and the new password, you can use the "Customer Login" to enter your personal gallery, order photos and check the status of your orders.

4. Where can I see the status of my order?

The easiest way is to click the link within your order confirmation email. Alternatively, you can log in with the password and email address you received via email. Once you’ve logged in, your order details can be found under "My Account".

5. How long will the delivery take?

The delivery time depends on the delivery method you selected and the estimated timeframes on display and below. The payment must be confirmed before your order can be processed. Orders which include free delivery to nurseries/schools are processed in bulk after the deadline and delivered up to 15 working days after the order deadline. Delivery time may also vary depending on the type of products ordered.  Please see timeframe posters left at the nursery/school for estimates.  For home delivery this can  take up to 10 working days for the order to be dispatched via Royal Mail.  It may then take a further 3-5 working days for delivery (They are usually sent sooner). For Home Delivery orders only - If your photos have not arrived after 15 working days please get in touch as I will need to consult with the lab to investigate and potentially request a reprint.  

6. Is the logo (watermark) going to be removed from the image?

Of course! The watermark is only used to protect your images against illegal downloads.

7. What is the quality of prints, posters, etc.?

We are committed to offering only the highest quality. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your photo products, please feel free to get in touch. We are devoted to your satisfaction.  The lab we use, uses Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre Paper. 

8. Can I crop the images?

Yes. You will find this option within the basket. If you crop the image, an enlargement of the selected area is created. Look for the stars which indicate whether the photo's resolution is sufficient for the enlargement.  Note: If you have purchased a mount it will cover approx ¼”of the image on all sides.  The compositions you see in your gallery are the exact compositions you will receive, regarding the style of image e.g. full length, portrait, landscape etc, unless you choose to crop the image yourself or you order products/prints with a different size ratio, e.g. Magnets, Keyrings, Mug, Mouse Mat, some glass frames, Wallet Prints, some prints and other gifts, where some of the image may be cropped.  For example prints/products with a different ratio to what has been photographed are, 5"x3.5", 7"x5, 8"x6", 10"x8",16x12".  You need to check this before placing your order.  By placing your order you are confirming you are happy with the crop.  This can be seen in the checkout, highlighted with a red box, where you can then edit, if required. 

9. I rarely order online - how can I order my photos here?

Select a photo that you like from your album and click "Order photo.” Then select the product of your choice, enter the desired quantity and click on "Add to basket". When you have placed all of the photos you like into your shopping cart, click "Basket" on the top right of the screen and follow the instructions.

10. I can't see my photos online, where are they?

If you have logged in and there are no photos available to view, this is because they take 3-5 workings days from the photo session to be uploaded. Please register your email to be notified.  You can also try logging out and back in again, this will ensure your gallery is refreshed. 

11. Can I buy Digital Images?

Yes, please email me with your access code, nursery/school name and child's name.  Please note you will receive a link to download the images.  You will not receive a CD or USB.  You will receive your purchased digital images up to 48hrs after payment has been received.  (Excluding weekends and bank holidays) Please note the images are JPGs and not RAW images.  Please note digital images are separate to prints and are sold separately.  You will not receive digital copies of the prints you purchase. Discounts available for bulk orders. 

12. Can I purchase the group photo in a set?

Yes.  Please note you cannot purchase a group photo as a digital image due to data protection. 

13. I am having problems at the payment stage or ordering process what do I do?

If the payment screen freezes or you have any other problem, please try on a different device or try using a different browser, such as chrome, internet explorer or firefox.  If you are unable to add items to the basket, please empty it and start again.  Please make sure you enter your CVC number and postcode.

14. Do you sell photo products, such as magnets and mugs?

I currently sell magnets, mugs, keyrings and a selection other products and framed photos.  Please contact me if there's a product you would like me to consider adding to the list. 

15. Do you sell passport/wallet size photos?

Yes, however these are only available as part of a set. 

16. Why are there no full-length photos of my child?

This is likely to be that your child has had their photograph on a staff member's lap, as they were more at ease, which meant we could take a portrait. 

17. There aren't many photos of my child, why is this?

If you do not have many photos in your gallery it's likely to be that your child did not want any more

18. Why are there no individual photos of my child, only ones with their sibling?

This is likely to be that they were more comfortable having a photo with their sibling

19. Why are there no sibling photos of my children together?

This may be that we were not notified they are siblings or they did not want any together

20. Will any marks or fluff on the floor be removed in the final photo?

Yes all images will be checked before printing, this includes colour balance.

21. Why is my child not smiling and do you return for retakes if I'm not happy. 

Please note our aim is for the children to feel relaxed and at ease, we provide a number of toys for them to play with, sing songs and have key workers nearby etc.  We cannot force your child to smile.  We do not return for retakes.  Please check if we have another session scheduled for the future, for next season. 

22. Can I cancel my order? - Once an order is placed I am unable to cancel it, it's an instant order, and will be printed at the lab.  I am unable to cancel any orders.  Please make sure everything is correct before you place your order.

23. My child has a bit of a runny nose, will this be removed in the final photo?

Every effort is made on the day to clean the children's faces, however if they have a runny nose in the photo we will do our best to remove this in photoshop.

24. Can you photoshop my pictures?

Please contact me before you purchase any images if you have photoshop questions.  Please note I will aim to remove any wet patches or stains where possible, but please email to double check.  It may not always be possible to remove them but I will try.  If you would like me to remove bruises, cuts, blemishes etc please get in touch prior to ordering to check if this is possible, please note in some cases charges may apply.

25. Why arent 8x6,10x8,16x12,5x3.5 prints included in the Sets? - This is due to the crop sensor of the camera I use, which is a different ratio and will crop your image slightly.  You can still order these photos individually, this way you can check the crop before you order.  Please note 7x5" is now included in certain sets, but has a different aspect ratio to the original and will crop your image.  Please check before ordering.

26. I am missing prints or mounts from my order, what shall I do? Please email me with your query, your order number and a photo of the contents of your order so I can follow this up with the printing lab to

27. I have missed the order deadline, can I still place an order? - Yes, the order deadline is only for free batch delivery to the nursery/school, you can still place an order after this date, however there will be a postage charge.  However please note your gallery has an archive date. 

28. I have emailed you, when can I expect a reply? - Usually within 24hrs-48hrs, exluding weekends and bank holidays.  We are closed at weekends. 

29. My photos have not arrived, what shall I do? - If you placed an order for batch delivery, please check with the nursery/school to see if they have been delivered.  For home delivery, Jo Neville Photography will process orders and send to the lab usually within 48hrs of being placed.  Jo Neville Photography cannot be held responsible for Royal Mail delays.  If your photos have not arrived within 15 working days of placing your order, please get in touch, so we can investigate further, refunds are not available.  Please refer to the terms.  

30. Are there more pictures of my child/children? Jo Neville Photography will share their selected images from your child's photo session.

31. Do you also do family or private photo sessions? - No, I only work within schools or nurseries.

32. Will I get a confirmation email when I place my order in the online shop? - Yes, you will receive 2 emails, one confirming your order, and another detailing the estimated delivery times.  If you do not recieve an order confirmation email, your order has not gone through, please log out and try again. 

33. Are you paid a fee to attend the nursery or school? - No, we give a percentage of our sales to the nursery/school for resources. 

34. Can I order photos from a previous session? - Yes, if the gallery is still open, please note postgae costs will apply, even if you are ordering some from a current session, that has free delivery, as free postage would have expired on a previous session.

35. Can you see my wish list? - No, I do not have access to this, however you can share it with me. 

36. Why do you remove shoes for the photo? - This is due to babies sharing the rug, and only seeing the soles of the shoes if the children are sat on the floor. 

37. Why am I being charged postage? - You can select free delivery to the nursery at the checkout, or pay for home delivery.  If you are ordering photos from an old/previous session, along with ones from a current session, postage costs will be applied as the free delivery on the old session would have expired.

38. Is there a minimum order? - No, prices start from £9.  If your order is over £36, and you order before the deadline will you recieve a discount.

Please note I work alongside my assistant, who is a qualified nursery nurse, we work together, along with the staff to ensure the children are put at ease, feel relaxed and have fun during their session. We have a variety of toys, familiar to the children, including sensory toys and bubbles to encourage play and different expressions for their photos.

Please note if you order photos with mounts the lab will package one image in the mount and the rest is self-assembly if you purchase more than one print.